50cc Roadracing 1964



First race of 1964 was the Daytona GP in the USA, but after disappointing practice results, Kreidler (see pics Kreidler20, 21 and 22) decided not to participate.
When they re-appeared in Europe for the next GP, it was with completely new machines. The frame resembled the one used in 1962, but was more reinforced and stiffer. The engine got a six-speed gearbox, with a two-speed auxiliary box, giving again 12 speeds. However, this two-speed box is not shown in the pictures. Lubrication was with an oil pump and a small amount of oil mixed with the petrol. Also new was the dry clutch. The front brake was new, now being a single-sided, 2ls brake, again in electron (a magnesium-aluminium alloy). With this machine, Anscheidt came in third in the world championship. The same bike was also used for a world record run, about which later.


In 1964 the RM64 was used (see pic RM64-1), which had a bore and stroke of 41.5 x 36.8 mm, for a total capacity of 49.78 cc. Power was given as 12.5 bhp at 14,000 rpm. Compression ratio still 8.8 : 1, nine speed gearbox. Top speed was close to 160 km/h. Instead of a single-sided, two leading shoe front brake, it had now a double-sided, single leading shoe brake. Hugh Anderson won the 1964 title, ahead of Ralph Bryans on the Honda twin and H.G. Anscheidt on Kreidler. However, the Honda twin was the faster machine, and it was just the fact that the bike didn't run well until the TT of Man, that gave Anderson the advantage.


It took some time before Honda got the new 50 cc, ridden by Bryans, to run well. He finished in second place in the Isle of Man, but after that won three races in a row. However, he had lost too many points to Anderson on the Suzuki, who won the world title, with Bryans second and Anscheidt (Kreidler) third.

RC113 and RC114

The RC113, (See pics. 061-RC113 and 062-RC113 - photos Honda Collection Hall) introduced during the Japanese GP of 1963, was a twin with the same bore and stroke as the previous RC112, 33 x 29 mm for a total capacity of 49.6 cc, but now with four valves per cylinder. Total valve angle was 72 degrees, symmetrical: both inlet and exhaust valves were under an angle of 36 degrees. Ignition was by a transistorised breakerless system, with 8 mm spark plugs. The carburettors were again the flat-slide type. This carburettor type builds shorter than the round-slide type, and the very high engine speeds necessitated a very short inlet and exhaust length to achieve optimum wave tuning. Lubrication was by wet sump, and there were nine speeds in the gearbox. Power output was 13 bhp at 18,500 rpm; the red line on the rev. counter was at 19,000 rpm, and short excursions to 20,000 rpm were allowed. Dry weight of the bike was 53 kg, lower than its predecessor through extensive use of magnesium, and a curious front brake. The latter was the same caliper brake as used on a normal bicycle, with two brake pads being clamped on to the rim. This saved total weight and unsprung weight, which improves handling. Two large, light alloy discs were mounted on the front wheel to give some streamlining.
The RC114 was practically identical with the RC113, with the gear train to the camshafts on the right-hand side of the engine and a bore and stroke of 33 x 29 mm for a total capacity of 49.6 cc. Valve angle was also the same with 36 degrees for both inlet and exhaust valves. Power output was 14 bhp at 19,000 rpm, red line was at 20,500 rpm and short time excursions to 23,000 rpm were permitted. There was a nine-speed gearbox. Top speed was well over 170 km/h.


For 1964 Derbi went back to air-cooling. The frame is still light-weight, but not as flimsy looking as the 1962 one. Derbi 8 shows the gear change mechanism of the eight-speed "ziehkeil" gearbox. Rotating inlet with Dell'Orto SS racing carburettor.


The only Tohatsus participating were in private hands. The bike was not further developed.

USA´s Grand Prix. Kreidler Rennleiter Block instructs Taveri and Anscheidt.

Taveri and Anscheidt. Start line up: Itoh, Ichino, both Suzukis and Taveri, Kreidler.

64 US GP. Start of the 50cc class at the Daytona track.

Tarquinio Provini - struggling with the 12-speed Kreidler - only Anscheidt and Beltoise finished this race on Kreidlers. The winning Suzuki of Hugh Anderson.
Spain´s Grand Prix.64 Montjuich park - Busquets leading Anscheidt.
Grand Prix of Spain at Montjuich Park. Jose Maria Busquets, Derbi leading Hans Georg Anscheidt, Kreidler.
Anscheidt - leading and winning in Spain - Kreidlers single victory in 1964.Rudolph Kunz -
#24 Anscheidt - leading and winning in Spain - Kreidlers single victory in 1964. #22 Rudolph Kunz, DNF in Spain.
GP of France, #16 Provini finished this race in 6th place.

Isle of Man programme - from the archives of Jørgen Nielsen.

Start of the 1964 Isle of Man #9 Taveri, #10 Plumridge, #1 Anscheidt, #2 Ichino, #8Dave Simmonds - Tohatsu twin, #3 Anderson.
Anscheidt and Taveri leaping of Ballaugh Bridge. Start of the Assen GP.
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64 dutch gp suzukis. Belgian GP. German GP at Solitude. The RK64 Suzuki at Solitude.
The hang-out style of winning Ralph Bryans during the German GP. Start of the Gp of Imatra, Finland. #1 Anscheidt and #2 Anderson - finishing in reverse order!