50cc Roadracing 1967



At the end of 1966, Honda retired from 50 cc racing, so there was no real competition for Suzuki. However, that did not stop them from introducing the RK67. The bike was a development of the RK66, and now had 17.5 bhp at 17,300 rpm. According to Anscheidt, in the factory some engines produced 18 and even sometimes nearly 19 bhp, but under normal racing circumstances those powers were not realised. Carburettor diameter was 22 mm.

RK67-5 shows the engine from the back. Exhaust ports can clearly be seen. The water pump is on the back, with the two white openings, the oil pump is right ahead of it. RK67-6 shows the front of the engine. The carburettors are mounted under an angle to direct the fresh mixture directly under the piston. RK67-9 shows the internals. Weight of the bike was given as 58 kg. Top speed was 176 km/h.
Perhaps an overview of the dimensions of the RK67 is interesting, so here they are.

Wheelbase 118 cm
Overall length 172 cm
Overall height (top of screen) 95 cm
Width (end of clip-ons) 50 cm
Width (at end of grips) 30 cm
Width of engine 41 cm
Ground clearance 25 cm
Length of seat 25 cm
Seat to handlebars 98 cm
Seat to footrest 34 cm
The frame was made of aluminium tubing.Anscheidt won the title, with team mates Katayama and Graham second and third.


Derbi was the only other works participation. No details of the bikes are known.


The Jamathi was last year's machine with detail improvements.

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