The history of one Bakker framed Kreidler GP.

Bakker Kreidler

During our raceweekend at Anderstorp 2019, I was approached by a
very nice guy from Finland asking if I would be interested in an original
race-Kreidler. I told him no, as these are traded at very high prices.
Another issue being my first Kreidler build, which was a one-to-one replica,
which meant I simply could not ride it properly - I was to big! However,
upon tidying up after seasons last race and finding his business card, I
was curious and intrigued.
It turned out to be a Bakker- Kreidler - with an interesting history!
In the seventies there was several Finnish riders who raced in the smaller
classes and occasionally also in the "Continental Circus". Guys like Pentti
Salonen, Matti Kinnunen, Stefan Danielsson and Mika Sakari Komu, to name a few.
Salonen raced a Tunturi Puch, Kinunen a Delta Kreidler and Stefan Danielsson
a Hummel Kreidler. For the 1980 season Stefan Danielsson ordered a new chassis
at Nico Bakker, so on route to the first GP at Misano he stopped at Bakker´s
shop, where engine and wheels were fitted. When the Bakker- Kreidler were fully
assembled he continued to Misano, qualified for the race, finished in twentieth
place. Next race for this Bakker Kreidler was ?
Mika-Sakari Komu and the ex- Stefan Danielsson Hummel Kreidler. First picture I got of this Bakker Kreidler is from the pits of Hockenheim 1982
Mika-Sakari Komu is warming up his Hummel Kreidler.
Behind him is Stefan Danielssons Bakker. For the 1983 season this Bakker Kreidler was
raced by Komu with following results:
Mika-Sakari Komu raced the Bakker Kreidler in the last race of the 1983 season -
the last 50cc race ever - and finished in seventeenth place.
For the 1984 season Komu replaced the 50cc engine for a Eberhardt 80cc and
participated in the GP´s of Salzburgring, Nürburgring and Assen.
Mika-Sakari Komu explains: frame worked good, but it was too short and the tires
were also too small for the 80cc class". The Bakker was sold without engine in 1985.