Vilko Sever of Kapela, Croatia purchased a Honda CR110 racebike from the German
champion Peter Eser, which he raced succesfully. But soon the twostrokes took over, and
he asked his friend Rudolf Kunz to help him aquire a fast Kreidler.
Sever competed for years on various Kreidlers all along planning a machine of his own
name. With support from Janez Imperl of Tomos, Rudolf Kunz and Martin Ziegler, Sever
created the exciting Sever 50GP, adapting Kreidler based engines to the clever Tomos- type
glassfibre- monocoque. These Sever GP bikes were financed by Vilko himself and
made quite an impact on the Yugoslavian championship.
1963 Portoroz, Vilko Sever, Kreidler engined CR110?
1977 GP of Opatija, Sever #34 next to Rittberger #5 Vilko Sever, Kreidler, braking before the finishline.
Vilko Sever - racing at the age of fifty in Prnjavevu. 5th place for Vilko Sever.
Sever teambus Moto Club Zagreb.
Boris Marusa, Sever no8.
Vilko servicing one of the 50cc racers.
The Sever GP of Zoran Krstic.
Pictures from the Yugoslavian championship races in Rijeka. Several Severs to be seen at the first rows here.
Yugoslavian championship race at Rijeka 1981 - several Severs to be seen at the first couple of rows.
Same venue in 1982: again a strong showing by Sever bikes
Later in life Vilko Sever opened a small museum showing many of his racebikes: