Peter Müller - Zündapp - ZM

Martijn Stehouwer about Peter Müller:
"The Müller Story in big steps is as follows: Peter Müller learnt Automotive Technics at the
Dresden University. After his study he got a job and after some time a 50cc racing class would
start in the DDR. In those days racing was popular and there were a lot of races everywhere.
The first 50cc race was held 1962 ,and it interested young engineers like Peter Müller and and
also Reiner Till to build something for themselves. Reiner Till bought a Victoria Avanti to
race (he liked the picture in a west German magazine) in those days that was still possible.
He immediately started building a racer from it. Learning from the troubles these real
pioneers had Peter decided to use a Simson ,when he finally decided to start racing after a
few more years. To get 6 gears the Simson riders used the sixdays Simsons 2 speed reduction box.
This annoyed Peter ,and he decided to get something more usable. Luckily he had family working
at Zündapp München ,and he worked at MZ sidecar factory in Leipzig. There were official contacts
between Zündapp and MZ because of the rims Zündapp bought from MZ for the Sixdays team.
This was the beginning of a steady supply of Zündapp 5 speed engines to Müller ,traded
for MZ rims."

"The little Zündapp racer evolved from a pistonported 5 speed to a rotary inlet watercooled 6 speed.
Final HP figure was just over 15."
"Being a successful rider he got a “wildcard” for the Sachsenring GP ,and here he got a
real GP point. The only 50cc Zündapp rider ever to get a GP point."
"In 1976 it was over for the Zündapp ,Peter switched to Kreidler. The Zündapp did not survive over
15hp on long tracks. Peter Müller never got his DDR championship ,he was outclassed by Gernot
Weser who was 9 times champion on his Kreidler. But Peter was the better technician. This he
proved when he stopped and his talented son got hold of daddies bike. He immediately sweeped
the championship with it. The good driving of Tommy Müller lead to a small team for the new
80cc championship. The ZM-80 (Zündapp Müller ,a name he could not get rid of anymore) was a
totally homebuilt 80cc racer, which in fact looked a lot like the 83 Zündapp factory 80cc
racebike. It was a good bike ,and Tommy was very successful with it. Power was 29hp ,carefully
breeded in by the other team member ,in fact chief-engineer of the Simson motorsport department.
The class of this bike was demonstrated in 1990 when the wall came down and the German 80cc
championship was the last resort of the former 80cc Worldchampionship. Totally alienated in
this new world the small team made a 5th place at Hockenheim between the worlds best.
Perplexed drivers asked Tommy which factory made that bike ,and he answered: “my daddy,in
our basement”. Both the last 50cc Kreidler and the 80cc still exist and are driven a few times
each year by Tommy and Peter."
M.Stehouwer 2006

Listen to the high winding ZM- Kreidler engine!