Portugese moped factory. Very early design evolved from Zündapp engines so there is some
similarity. This 50cc racer was built in NL for the 1971 season. It was a collaboration of Casal
importer De Wit, together with Boele and DeJager of Haastrecht.
The engine was based on the Casal K181 and now featured a six speed transmission, a discvalve inlet
as well as a watercooled cylinder. Both DRM and Jamathi cylinder setups were tried - it seems that
the finished racer had the more powerful Jamathi cylinder with rear- facing exhaust.
The original Casal racer owned by the factory.
Boele/DeJager made frame, nickelplated.
Jan Boele presenting the Casal racer at IFMA 1970.
Another NL built Casal racer by Dick DeJager raced locally by Foppe Ackermann: Casal engined DeJager.
Foppe Ackermann racing the DeJager Casal in 1977.
Casal racer built in Portugal. 1977 Estoril, another Casal racer Rogerio Nery.