E-T tools

The right tool for the job: The frame jig

I made this tool some fifteen years ago and it has proven to be invaluable whether
building a frame from scratch or altering an excisting frame.
More than fifteen frames, most for 50cc race- use, has been lined up herein.

One of the first was converting this Fantic TX96 frame to accept a Honda CD50 engine.
The challenge here was to get a proper line for the drivechain and have room for the
supercharger as well.
The dimension of the motocross frame, 20x2mm tubing, made for a heavy but sturdy chassis.

First frame build from scratch was this Van Veen replica.
Sold of to Germany when completed.

Did a second Van Veen type chassis destined for 4stroke power.
Project was abandoned and sold of to a Kreidler enthusiast.

I really took a liking to this type of chassis designed by dutchman Dick DeJager!
The ingenious DeJager Kreidler frame with monoshock rear suspension is one well- handling
design. Took the liberty to incorporate the gastank into the main frame tube as the short
nature of our races - around 15minutes of track time - demanded less than 2litres of fuel.
My calculation for the capacity were just on the money - no more than 1.85litres of
racegas could be crammed into this tube. Not easy filling this as the filler neck was
placed one third down the top of the tube, so I had to raise the rear of the bike to get
the air out!

Mopedspeed DeJager
Two of these DeJager Kreidlers were made - second one I made for a friend - has
never been raced though.

The six-speed Puch engine demanded a different layout, as the half-lying cylinder,
made it difficult to design a frame with nice flowing lines. A kink in the front down-tubes
seemed to do the trick and supports the quite heavy engine nicely.

In 2012 the Honda got converted to Kreidler power - raised the downtubes to aquire
better streamlining with a lower ride height.

Re- creating this legend couldnt be done without a proper jig setup!
Juggling the heavy prototype 6speed factory Puch engine around when establishing a complex
line of chain required special tools.

To adapt the Cobra engine into a DeJager type chassis was another challenge.

My first chassis for the venerable Minarelli P6 engine.
This sixties style danish- made mopedframe was initially outfitted with 3 and 4speed
Minarellis. A rather tall frame that demanded some modifications to get the aerodynamics
correct. Had to raise engine as well as swingarm pivot point to re-establish line of chain
- also the headstock had to be lowered considerably.

Another Minarelli powered racer - this time in a modified Gilera Touring frame.
Resides in Sweden.

My current racebike - Sachs engine in the proven DeJager type chassis!
Also a race winner.

My biggest regret - not having the chance to try out this dutch- made chassis
before selling it of! Looked forward to finally test the Emot chassis after being run
over by many of these on the tracks:o) Designed by Martijn Stehouwer, produced in high
numbers and resembling a Simson raceframe - if I remember correctly.
This sturdy race-chassis were outfitted with a much-modified Simson S51 engine and was
destined to be my spare racebike - bummer!

Puch raceframes are in high demand! Frame for the 3L Ferrari engine.
Good thing I made the jig a little oversized - and rigid enough to support a 3L
Ferrari V8 engine while designing a custombike frame for it.