Building a two cylinder 50cc Honda.

The twin project is sponsored by:

This is a low- budget project! Aiming at getting the right sound for a classic fifty Honda racebike. There are other approaches of reaching that goal, and certainly better ones - following shows my way of reaching above goal - without having to sell my kid or something!
Based on the CD50/ SS50 housings and as many Honda parts possible, some specs here:

OHC, chain driven twin:
Bore : 35mm
Stroke: 26,5
Transmission: 6speed
Twin- project is on the move - slowly that is. Bore to bore distance had to be decided before moving on, and now everything fits. Height of cylinder is dictated by: conrod length, and index of camchain.

Engine specs as of september 2011:
CD50 crankcases widened 50mm, bore&stroke of 35x 26,5mm, rodlength 60mm c- c, siamesed CD50 heads with SS50 cams, CR80 six-speed trans and clutch.

Contemplating a more historical correct standing- cylinder layout.
Remaining obstackles are:
Joining heads
Joining camshafts
Left-side sparkplug
Oilpump drive