German Paul Petry of Saarbrücken were a good friend of Ernst Degner since
they met at the St Wendel races. They had a common insight into hi power twostrokes
which later turned into plans to "liberate" Degner to the west. Petry was the one
who contacted Matsumiya of Yamaha, hoping for a well- payed job at the japanese
factory, but things didnt work out that way. Furthermore he was the one who smuggled
Degners family out of DDR in the boot of his big american car.
The Petry 50 racebike had since 1958 a watercooled cylinder and discvalve induction.
Paul Petrys masterpiece: early watercooled and discvalved 50cc.
The Petry Mk1
The Petry Mk2 racer.