The cars


Supercharged Mustang

My very first car, bought in 1978. Rough, 289 v8, 3-speed manual, and discbrakes.
Rebuilt 289, 9,3:1 cast pistons, 288H cam, 2 bbl carb, 1 3/8" headers.
Next step, 650 cfm 4 bbl on highrise single plane intake, dual point distributor, roller rockers on stiffer valve springs, ported heads, = more rpm.
Final step, intake modified to mount GMC 6-53 blower, "crab"style distributor, homebuilt 15% overdrive 3" toothed belt drive, electronic water injection system. Listen to this engine !
Steady 9 psi boost from low revs.Watch this engine !
Money were tight at times, front bumper was sold to buy gas !
Toploader 4-speed, and limited slip 8" rear with 3.0:1 gears.
9 psi boost and measley 205/60 tires = a lot of smoke !Watch this car !

Supercharged ElCamino

Bought in 1984, this 1978 ElCamino instantly got modified, low compression smog 350 received GMC 6-53 blower on modified dual 4 bbl intake, 292H cam, ported heads, 2 600 cfm carbs and headers.
Hurst shifted 4-speed Muncie M21 replaced TH300 auto, 3.50:1 geared 9" with Detroit locker replaced 10 bolt.


Always wanted to do a midmounted V8 driven vehicle, and this low-budget excer-
cise did wonders to the tail-draggin´ swingaxle suspended car. 1956 body on
modified 69 platform (discbrakes), transmission did a 180 with flipped ringgear,
Rover 3.5L aluminum V8 mounted via adapter, VW clutch on Rover flywheel.
Very complex 180 degree exhaust were needed to camouflage typical V8 burble,
and it did ! The 180 degrees refer to exhaust-pulses omitting the left/right
collector at 180 degrees crank rotation. In a 180 system the pulses follows firing
order, which in turn alters V sound remarkably. LeMans winning Ford GT40 and
many F1 engines used 180 degree headers, best results achived by using optimised
camshaft timing. The pre-68 Rover V8 had a 280H cam,
ported heads, 10.5:1 pistons and recurved Buick 215 distributor. Range Rover
radiator placed on top of transmission, and SAAB Turbo cooling fan lived behind
engine cover.
Driving a car this modified can be dissapointing, but believe you me, I enjoyed
every minute behind the wheel! The sleeper effect was immence, the weight
distribution perfect, and 4kg/hp always guarantee a thrilling ride.
Slight blemishes such as, high-compression engine could´t be turned by the VW
startermotor when hot, and the fact, that the not totally sealed in himileage-engine,
was emitting so many fumes as well as being a giant heater, were totally
forgotten when accelerating through the gears alongside a then new BMW M3.

Corolla Sprinter Coupe

The Corolla were intended for my wife, hence the colour, but I ended up driving
it myself. And after a thorough restoration, it turned out to be a very enjoyable car.
To date I did more kilometers in this car than any other. And all of my cars are
daily drivers. Stuffing the Corolla with sound deadening material, and a 5-speed
trans, and a amplified sound system, it worked out okay. This nimble car made life
easier, when next project went underway.
The 7.4L Big Block enngine !

80 Malibu

Chevrolet 454 LS7 bigblock crate engine, disassembled, balanced at Custom
Racing, Sweden, rollercammed and fitted with Merlin heads. Enderle eight-stack
intake were modified to receive Lucas injectors, controlled by Airsensors EFI
system. This combo showed on dyno 526 Hp and 730 Nm. Before next dyno
session,compression ratio were reduced, 11.8:1 to 10.0:1 and Electromotive
TECII speed-density system replaced the Airsensor system.
Using Stobbe Engineerings Superflow SF700, more than 55 full pulls were made
and to this abuse, a following inspection showed no signs of damage. An achin
back was what I got from haulin´ big fuel cans. Big blocks are thirsty at full
song ! Three different stack length were tried, to establish best torque curve,
but compromises rules here. After final testing on dyno, I had to find a home
for the big block.
Looking for a family sedan, small in size, with full perimeter frame, the
78 - 82 GM A-body seemed a natural. An unassuming vehicle, perfect for testing
different engine setups.
1980 Malibu Landau Classic. Converted to Malibu standard specs = shaved a lot
of weight ! Further mods include : 4" engine setback, channels in floorpan for
raised dual 3.5" exhausts, 9" Ford rear, relocated fuel tank, polyurethane bushes
everywhere, quick ratio 808 steering box, relocated heater (Corolla) and viper-
system (SAAB). Curbweight w. bigblock engine = 1500kg. Having driven through
five danish winters, times up for the inevitable rust repairs.

Chevyvan G10

Our holiday van. 300Hp rollercammed 5.7L smallblock, TH350C, and very low
geared 12bolt. Perfect for a cross-country tourer !