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V8 custom bike project

Many years ago I started gathering parts for a V8 custom bike.
Saved the 200hp Buick/ Rover all- aluminum V8 out of the V8VW- project for
this purpose, but a Swede beat me to it! Rolf Andersson did a perfect
job on his Sidewinder V8- bike and that challenge sort of fainted!!!

But now the V8 bike project is very much alive again, with the purchace of
another all- aluminum V8 engine. A smaller in size 3Litre Quattrovalvole 4- cam
V8, designed by Ferrari - a beautiful piece of engineering sounding fantastic
when it reach its 7000rpm redline.
Really look forward to build that one :o)
2021 Update: The periods of isolation during the Covid19 pandemic
have "forced" me to spend more time in the garage :o)
Many projects are finished and next in line is the V8 bike.
The many parts gathered through the years have been unboxed and readied.
History of this engine: It was pulled from a 1989 Lancia Thema 8.32.
Engine designation are F105L which tells us that this is a variant of the
Ferrari 308 quattrovalvole 3L V8. The L for Lancia meant it was altered in
characteristics, from sportscar to limousine engine, operating at a lower rpm.
This was done by exchanging the usual 180° flat- plane crankshaft with a 90°,
more normal for a V8, together with smaller valves in the cylinder- heads and
ofcourse, different camshaft timing. This resultet in a more docile torquey
engine emitting the usual burble expected from a 90° V8.
Being a 1989 version means it is from the second series, and thus issued with
emission- control. Also the last year for F105L engines being assembled by
Ferrari, where the 1990- 92 V8´s were assembled at Ducati´s plant.
Thoughts around making of the frame: Initially I planned a double cradle tube
frame, but with the engine being this bulky, it had to be tight- fitting
nessecitating an assembly of two sections. One could also use the engine as
a carrying member. Here I must say I´m very inspired by the work of the
brilliant Allen Millyard: Millyard on Youtube
The way he managed to make a rideable motorcycle powered by a massive Viper V10 car engine....
Had to modify the mandrel- tube bender. Going from 20x2mm to 30x3 DOM- tubes
meant that an increase in leverage was nessecary.
Hydraulic actuation is the way to go.
Clutch and swingarm shares the same axle in this setup. The engine acts as a load-bearing element. The design of the frame is unconditionally laid out with a view to optimal routing of the exhaust pipes. A supercharged engine needs a free- flowing exhaust.
Rear frame assembly.
Suspension elements fitted - turns out very balanced!