Reiner Till - Victoria Avanti.

The Victoria Avanti moped is a sporty looking bike, but its engine is totally unsuitable for racing. This was not known by enthusiast young engineer Reiner Till in the DDR. He liked the looks, and wanted to build a racer for the new 50cc class. So a Avanti was bought and the adventure started in 1962. Reiner Till liked constructing , racing was just a side-effect.

The little 2 speed Avanti got a 5 speed box ,which required a totally ingenious gear system. In fact I think it could have been patented ,if he wanted. The frame got a real DKW racer style swingarm fork ,and also a alloy cylinder was made. In 1964 Simson started producing their new 3 speed engine. This engine casing was just what was needed ,and where other riders used the 2 speed auxiliary box to get 6 speeds ,Reiner was able to get 7 in the housing with his ingenious system. After a while the engine also got a pressure oil feed to the conrod and the first electronic Ignition of the DDR . MZ engineers were surprised by this privateer with his big buzzing Ignition box. In the early seventies Rainer decided it was enough. The old Avanti frame was outdated. Rainer did a very unusual thing ,he gave his bike to the MZ Museum Augustusburg to prevent it for being taken apart for parts. A short call to the museum in 2003 proved that it still stands in the depot ,the last survivor of a kind. The early Victoria engine ,and lots of drawings and paperwork also survived ,and were kindly donated by Reiner to me. Together with the Augustusburg bike it is a complete race history ,which makes it unique. The early Avanti will be rebuilt using the pictures and drawings and survived engine parts.
M.Stehouver 2006
The Victoria racer of Georg Dotterweich

Hans Perscheid - Victoria special.

Another ingenious Victoria racer featuring a 9- speed ZU engine built by Hans Perscheid.

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