Classic roadracing Links

The Shops

EMOT Racing
Martijn Stehouwer
EVERYTHING for the classic 50cc racer.

Vĺrdsätre race & maskinteknik
Roffe Heljefors
Leading shop in Scandinavia !
50cc raceparts and machine shop.

Massimiliano Osti
Verona, Italy

Via delle Risorgive, 30 37060 S. Zeno di Mozzecane (VR) -ITALIA- Tel. - Fax. +39 045/634.04.65
Minarelli P6 race engine parts.

KSR racing products
Kalle Strandman
Fabricator of tanks,seats,and fairings in fibreglass.
Reproduction of Kreidler engine castings

Thorsten's Kreidler Seite
Thorsten Stroh
Reproduction of VanVeen engine and chassis parts

Parts for classic racebikes.

Exclusive chassisparts for racebikes.

The Museums

TOMOS Museum
Novo Goricke
EGON FORNAZARIC´s Tomos collection.
Honda Collection Hall
Angel Nieto Museum
Pedro Bosch, s/n.
Open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5 to 8 p.m.,
Saturdays and Sundays 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5.30 to 8.30 p.m.,
Mondays closed.
Janez Grom´s motorcycle museum.
A collection of Tomos racers can be seen here!

50cc Links - 50cc racing enthusiast all over the world


Nick Tolhurst: Pictures from the UK scene of classic 50 racing.

Nobuya Yoshimura: Highlights the Japanese manufacturers in GP racing.

The Nostalgia Forum > 1962-1983: the years of fast racing 'mopeds': Historic 50cc racing forum.

René Wesselius: Site of the 50cc European Classic Cup.

Ricardo Pupo: Celebrates the Bultaco 50cc racer.

Joep Kortekaas: Honda 50cc race history.

Poul Andersen: Classic 50cc racing Denmark.

Toshihiko Suzuki: 50cc classic racing in Japan

Rickard Kall: News on 50cc classic racing in Sweden.

Dik Toersen: The Jamathi- club site.

John E Elton-Payne: The site of the British classic 50 racing club.

Maartens Kreidler world: Includes big racing section and fora.

Marco Gasparini: Collector of 50cc racers

Jaap Groot: Collector of 50cc racers.

Kalle Strandman: Swedish 50cc classic racing forum

Peter Frohnmeyer: Classic-motorrads 50cc page.

MotoGuapa: Story of the Spanish 50cc racers.

Detailed info on GP Suzukis.

Cédric Foliot: Blog of French 50cc heros.

Herman Meijer: The spectacular page by the creator of the Hemeyla.

50cc classic racer artwork by Branko Misljenovic

Amoticos: Spanish moped and race forum.

De racehelden van weleer: Dutch fora for historic motorcycle racing.

Spanish fora for historic motorcycle racing.

Italian moped and race forum.

Exhaust pipes and WC kits for Minarelli.


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